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Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

Are you looking to reward your employees with a workplace massage? 

MYST Therapies offers corporate massage tailored to the needs of your team members. Corporate massage is an easy way to help promote wellness, productivity and boost workplace moral.

Massage can help alleviate physical and mental fatigue associated with long hours of sitting at a desk, or after a long day of physical labour on site.

We bring all the equipment AND come to you!

What are the benefits of corporate massage?

· Reduced back pain
· Workplace stress management awareness
· Lower burn out rates
· Improved overall health resulting in less sick leave
· Reduced stress resulting in greater productivity
· Minimises the risk of repetitive strain injuries

What are the different types of corporate massage? 

Desk corporate massage: An effective option to positively impact a large group of people in the office. With desk massages, our mobile massage therapists move quietly from person to person without disrupting the working environment. No equipment is needed as your staff remain at their desks. We recommend 5 – 10 minutes per person.

Seated corporate chair massage: The original and most popular for a corporate massage. All equipment is provided by Myst and only 1m x 1.5m floor space is required for the seated chair set up. We recommend 10-20 minutes per person. This option can be in the office or outdoors for employees working on an outdoor site. 

Table corporate massage: The ultimate choice when time and a quiet space is available. All equipment is provided by Myst and 1.5m x 2.5m floor space is required for the massage table set up. We recommend 30-60 minutes per person. This massage option must be in an indoor setting. 

How do I make a booking for corporate massage?

Choose a day and time: Mon-Sun, Morning/Afternoon.

Choose the duration per team member: 5mins-60mins.

Choose a massage type: Desk massage, seated chair massage, table massage.

Do you provide massage for events?

Yes. MYST Therapies also provides massage for events. We cover sporting events, conferences, trade shows and team building events. Event massage is a great way to relax and make your event memorable. 

Where do you provide corporate massage?

We provide corporate and event massage services to Sydney, Penrith and the Lower Blue Mountains .