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Stretch Therapy Classes

Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy

Are you looking to improve your flexibility and mobility? Stretch therapy can help!

What is stretch therapy?

Stretch therapy is a safe, efficient and proven system to help improve your flexibility and mobility. Whether you are an office worker or athlete, stretch therapy can help unlock and relax the body. 

What is the difference between stretch therapy and yoga?

Stretch therapy is based on detailed knowledge of anatomy and focuses on stretches for specific muscles to help achieve flexibility. In comparison, yoga is a practice that was developed in India over 2000 years ago with the goal of achieving enlightenment. 

What are the benefits of stretch therapy?

- Increased range of movement
- Reduced muscle tension
- Reduced back pain 
- Injury prevention
- Stress management and relaxation
- Improved athletic performance

I’m not very flexible, can I still attend the classes?

Yes. You don’t need any stretching experience to join the class. The classes are for everybody – all ages and physical capabilities. All stretching postures can be modified to suit you and your needs. We use chairs, straps, bolsters and blocks in our classes to help achieve correct alignment and technique. 

Will stretch therapy help my athletic performance?

Yes. No matter what sport you are participating in, range of motion and mobility is an important component. Stretch therapy will help you achieve flexibility and ease within the body and will also help with injury prevention and recovery. 

Where do you provide stretch therapy classes?

We provide classes in multiple locations across Penrith. The clasess are limited to10 participants to ensure each student has individual attention.